Samstag, 20. Juli 2013

Heroes...even today?!

Heldengedenken ist immer aktuell. Aus diesem Grund wurde hier ein Post aus dem letzten Jahr nochmal hochgeholt. 

Once there was a time
When men stood up
to fight injustice.

Oh, few they were
but straight they stood,
for they heard to the call
of their conscience.

But where are they now?
Those men who saw the signs
and act.
Where are they now?
In our cruel world,
our blind society of hypocrisy.
They were not only noble from birth,
so that you can say, that you are not.
But also from their minds,
for they were thinking right.

Who were those lads
who loved their land so dear?
That they would take the hardest step
to save it from tyranny?

I know that it is different now
I know that the world has changed.
But even though it's more difficult,
the problems still remain.
So let's stand up to face the world
and bear before our eye:
The proud men of July 20
that light up our way. 

(Miriam Moißl, 2004)

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